Dan Masshardt is the pastor of the Fairview Bethel Church of God near New Cumberland PA. He is “notorious” for posing penetrating questions–just the kind that churches committed to being the best church for their communities. This post is from the archives of his periodic blog CHOOSE TODAY. – Steve (He is also a long-time member of the Commission on Evangelism.)


by Dan Masshardt

“The average American spends way too much evangelistic effort on camels” George Patterson

It’s one of those things that we don’t realize until we take a step back. We spend a lot time trying to convince self-satisfied people about how much they need Jesus.

From a recent talk by George Patterson, a former missionary, comes the quote above. He says that the evangelistic key to the First Century church was that they took the gospel to the poor – the outsiders of society. And they were wildly successful in their ministry.

Jesus did the same thing, didn’t he? How much evangelistic effort did he spend on the Pharisees? Jesus went to the poor, the sick and diseased, and the outcasts. And they received Him and followed Him. After all, it’s not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. We spend a lot of time trying to convince people that they’re sick. Jesus didn’t.

It’s easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a rich person to enter the kingdom of heaven. Yet with God all things are possible. Jesus does save rich people.

But I wonder if we spend too much time trying to shove camels through tiny hole


About sdunnpastor

I am the Director of Bridgebuilders Ministries, the Intentional Interim of the Newport PA Church of God, and adjunct professor for Winebrenner Theological Seminary. I am the creator of Bridgebuilders Seminar, helping churches reach their unchurched neighbors.
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  1. keijo leppioja says:

    I am so thankful for gospel and for alot missionarer around the world in calling of the Father to go and spread the gospel to the poor and heal the sick and cast out the demonds and be glory to God and joy when the Holy Spirit will fild us to move on in powerful heaven with us in Jesus name thanks and bless and pray,keijo sweden

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