The work of the Commission on Evangelism is ever evolving to help the local church become more fruitful and faithful in its evangelism and discipleship ministry in its particular community.

John Yoder been the chairperson of the Commission since January 1, 2012 succeeding our founding chair, Steve Dunn. The Commission continues to provide ministry to local congregations via its School of Evangelism, district evangelism breakfasts with pastors, the expanding ministry of Bridgebuilders, its web site and this blog.  Global Media Outreach continues to be one of our efforts. Dave Anderson  of our Mount Joy Church serves as coordinator for our conference efforts, which include individuals from several churches, and a team of online missionaries from the Shippensburg Church. (Paul Tatum is Lead Pastor there).   New book resources are also being made available through the efforts of Tammie Gitt, Chuck Frank, and Dan Masshardt.In April a video was released for use in local churches to explain the many and varied offerings of the Commission.

After a season when churches were not asking, we now have mentors deployed for local churches. Jim Klock is working with Brian Singer at Sanborn. Dave Anderson has begun work with Washington Boro and its pastor, Dennis RegitzSteve Dunn has provided initial services to our Liberty Church in Manassas VA and its new pastor, Judd Spencer. Sam Ruggiero is providing periodic counsel to Mark Yarger and our Elizabethtown Church.  Bob Bell just completed coaching Bainbridge and its pastor, Tim Landis.  We have also had a request from Harmony Bethel, where Dr. Jack Guyler serves.


About sdunnpastor

I am the Director of Bridgebuilders Ministries, the Intentional Interim of the Newport PA Church of God, and adjunct professor for Winebrenner Theological Seminary. I am the creator of Bridgebuilders Seminar, helping churches reach their unchurched neighbors.
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