theConnections Ministries is sponsoring a major event with Dr. Ravi Zacharias, world-class apologist.

A Connection Ministries signature event, graciously hosted by Messiah College.

7:00-8:00pm, Faith vs Atheism; A Formal Debate

Dinesh D’Souza, the President of The King’s College, NY Times Best Selling Author and Dan Barker, atheist and President of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, will engage one another in a formal, lively, and respectful debate tackling the foundational tenant, Does God Exist?

Debate moderated by RJ Harris, Central PA radio talk show host, 580WHP.

8:00-9:00pm, Keynote Speaker

Dr. Ravi Zacharias Helping the Thinker Believe and Helping the Believer Think, One of the world’s most reputable and influential Christian apologists, who focuses on skeptics, cultural influencers and critical thinkers will give a compelling presentation that addresses current issues and the intellectual struggles related to these concerns.

***Doors open at 6:00pm for general admission seating. 25% of the seats that are available are bleacher style seating. We ask if you are young and able, especially students, to be gracious to others and try to fill these seats first. Should you need assistance; handicap seating, hearing impaired, etc. please contact theConnection Ministries.

A special thank you to the following ANCHOR SPONSORS, who come with our sincere recommendation. They support the idea of meaningful dialog, debate, and an apologetic approach. Please take the time to explore their websites and also visit their tables at the event:

Liberti Church Harrisburg Covenant Christian Academy

theConnection’s vision is to become the most distinguished Christian Event and Networking ministry in Pennsylvania. We hope to create an exceptional network of area churches, Christian schools and organizations that are collaborating for a greater impact in the Kingdom for Jesus Christ. It is our hope that our events and network will serve the body of Christ as a model to be used for other communities nationally.


To read more about theConnection Ministries go to: http://theconnectionministries.org/who/


About sdunnpastor

I am the Director of Bridgebuilders Ministries, the Intentional Interim of the Newport PA Church of God, and adjunct professor for Winebrenner Theological Seminary. I am the creator of Bridgebuilders Seminar, helping churches reach their unchurched neighbors.
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