Global Media Outreach

My name is Dave Anderson, from Columbia and the Mount Joy Church of God. I’m a member of the ERC Evangelism Commission, an evangelism mentor, and currently the leader of the Commission’s on-line evangelism initiative Global Media Outreach (GMO).

GMO is an exciting new program, which is an Internet out reach ministry of the Camps Crusade for Christ. GMO allows individuals to become missionaries on-line to reach the lost for Christ throughout the world. I have personally ministered and discipled people in India, China, Pakistan, Nigeria, Sudan, Egypt, and Iran, as well as the United States. With new technology via satellites, cell phones, and computers, we will soon have the capabilities to reach the entire world for Christ within a few short years.

What we will need are Internet savvy individuals who are willing to share the Gospel with those who are not familiar with Him. This will give us an opportunity to better fulfill Jesus promise in Matthew 24:14 where he states, “And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.”

Being an on-line missionary is not for everyone and it is not a replacement for short or long term missionary experiences. However, it is an ideal outlet for kingdom building individuals who may not have the resources or time for a missionary venture.

If a pastor, church council, Sunday School, or small group would be interested, I would enjoy the opportunity to come and share more about GMO. Please fell free to contact me via phone 717-371-5073 or e-mail

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