This post was originally published in my devotional blog THRIVING IN CHRIST. Just a simple illustration for you in the work of evangelism.


Reading: Jude 3
“Earnestly contend for the faith that was once delivered unto the saints.” – Jude 3
I love classic cars.  There is something fascinating about these road warriors.  There was a time they owned the road–providing transportation to grandmas, gangsters, doctors making house calls, families taking a Sunday drive, salesmen trying to ply their wares.  They have a uniqueness and an elegance that stands out in the box-like family vehicles, the monster trucks and sporty SUVs, and the lookalike family cars occupying the road today.  Some of them were short-lived in popularity.  They bore names that today have little meaning – but they are really neat.
Unfortunately today, you have to be very careful with these cars.  Their “age” and uniqueness put them at great risk on the high-speed highways of today. You even have to ration the amount of road miles because their parts are no longer being produced.
The gospel of Jesus Christ is very ancient.  It has a beauty in its original form that makes it even more precious today with the trendy and sometimes indistinguishable religious imitators.
Fortunately, the gospel wears well on today’s highways in today’s world. It is not fragile, needing protection.  It is robust, needing faithfulness.  The gospel is not intended to be kept in a warehouse as a remnant of other times.  It is intended to engage the world where the rubber meets the road.
A classic car may have been built well, but only a few people have the means and opportunity to drive it.  The gospel today is for everyone–it is durable for eternity.
(C) 2009 by Stephen L Dunn, reprinted 2010

About sdunnpastor

I am the Director of Bridgebuilders Ministries, the Intentional Interim of the Newport PA Church of God, and adjunct professor for Winebrenner Theological Seminary. I am the creator of Bridgebuilders Seminar, helping churches reach their unchurched neighbors.
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